Tuesday, 19 June 2007

Old Artworks Part 03

Well continuing the re-creations of classic gaming systems. That is my name after all :) I just had to re-create these two gems from the gaming past. First up is the Atari 2600, again I had this system, it came complete with an in-built game called Asteriods, highly addictive game it was too. Second up is the NES, the predessor to the Snes, this was where it all started for Nintedo really, this is where the big bucks came flooding in for the company, and they've been going strong since. Anyone remember Dangermouse? of course you do! Well here's the Danger Hopper spacecraft! Now this was a very big project for me at the time, I'd not tackled a full exterior building project before and I'd been inspired by another couple of renders i'd seen over on CGS and I was compelled to try my own Bar & Grill scene. I'm extremly proud of this one too. And finally this Tardis was created for the Telephone Booth SMC a while back, but here's a full render with a nice HDRI backdrop :)

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