Tuesday, 19 June 2007

Old Artworks Part 02

And so we continue the old artworks theme. And so this first artwork of the pop plants, this was actually a tutorial that I followed from Cinema4D.be another wonderful website, originally dutch, but they are very kindly translating more and more as much as they can. This tutorial was created by a very talanted artist known as Rich, he's a mod over at C4D.be and now also a mod over at C4DCafe too. And so this was my results after following the tutorial, it was also my first tutorial where i'd experimented with sub surface scattering too. I'm very happy with my results here. Well who could forget the classic games system that is the Super Nintendo Entertainment System or Snes for short and known to most as. The Snes was one of my favourtie games systems that I ever played. The games were bright colourful, engaging and extremely playable. And so I just had to re-create this 80's/90's gems in 3D. Next up is a recently revamped peice of artwork, this was one of my first attempts at archicatural/interior designs, and i've recently updated it with better materials, slightly better lighting and GI.

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Anonymous said...

Ur artworks are so beautiful.