Thursday, 2 June 2011

Free Model - Toy Train

Aiming for a Thomas The Tank Engine style of toy train, this was a model created for a personal project which never got completed. There's still alot of work needed but it's a fairly solid model to be starting with.

Free Model - Roger Rabbit 3D Title

Created as the main 3D title design for a speed modelling challenge. This is not a font, this was created from scratch using splines and then box modelled.

Free Model - Coca Cola Machine

A Coca Cola coin op machine create as part of a Petrol Station scene.

Free Model - Bertha

Bertha was a fantastic 80's stop motion animation series broadcast in the UK. Create by Ivor Wood at Woodland Animations the same studio responsible for Postman Pat, Fireman Sam, Portland Bill and many many others. This was my homage to the machine for a speed modelling challenge.

Free Model - Spray Bottle

Spray Bottle used in a kitchen scene.

Free Model - Sega Megadrive

The Sega Megadrive a wonderful & difficult shape to model correctly, indeed I still think mine needs work. Modelled as part of a Video Game Speed Modelling Challenge.

Free Model - Range Cooker

A range cooker modelled as part of a kitchen project created a couple of years ago.

Free Model - Pop Can

Pop Can to go with the drinks vending machine, complete with ring pull.

Free Model - Pocket Knife

Speed Modelled Pocket Knife.

Free Model - Nintendo Concept

A speed modelled entry about hand-held gaming system, this was one of my attempts going for a block/flat Nintendo concept.

Free Model - Microwave

Another old Speed Model, this time a Microwave.

Free Model - McDonald's Lunch

Modelled for the all new Speed Modelling challenges (of which I moderate) For the return it was Lunch Boxes..... well the nuggets are in a box right? lol.

Free Model - Griff Tannen Character

Griff Tannen (or at least my interpretation) was modelled for my Movie Mashup Challenge over at 3DTotal where I created a scene depicting Back To The Future Part II but in a Disney/Pixar style.

Free Model - DVD Player

Speed Modelled DVD Player.

Free Model - Chocolate Bar

Chocolate bar model used for an old Speed Modelling Challenge.

Free Model - Boxcart Racer

Boxcart Racer model from an old Speed Modelling Challenge

Wednesday, 1 June 2011

Super Nintendo Console from golden age of gaming scene.

Free Model - Retro TV

Prop from golden age of gaming scene.

Free Model - Chest Of Drawers

Prop model from a golden age of gaming scene.

Free Model - Character

This was meant to be my re-interpretation of Fireman Sam but never completed.

Free Model - Water Fountain

Speed Modelled Water Fountain, used metaballs for the water spray then made them editable and meshsmoothed with hypernurbs.

Free Model - Wacky Races Arkansas Chugabug

This was an old speed modelled entry for ornaments and couldn't resist making a classic from this fabulous cartoon series.

Free Model - Telescope

Old Telescope Speed Model.

Free Model - Streetfighter Mini Game Controller

Speed Modelled Streetfighter Mini Game Controller that you hook up to a TV.

Free Model - Male Cosmetics

Speed Modelled Male Cosmetics scene.

Free Model - Fishing Reel

Another old speed model of a fishing reel.

Free Model - Drinks Vending Machine

An old speed modelled Drinks Vending Machine, Pop can will be available separatly in order to fill the machine up (and to save on file size).

Free Model - Cutlery

Cutlery from an old Speed Modelling entry.

Free Model - Beverage Cup

A simple beverage cup from another old speed modelling entry.

Free Model - Beauty Cosmetics

An old Speed Modelling collection up for grabs.

Free Model - 1920's Building

Just a fairly simple 1920's building i've been working on as part of a large scene.

Tuesday, 31 May 2011

Air Fresheners - Free Model

Here is a free model of some old speed modelled Air Freshners, feel free to use them in your projects, but please at least tell people where you got the model from.

Finally An Update....

Wow it's been a long long time since I posted on here but finally after a long hiatus i'm back. Hopefully in the next few days/weeks i'll be posting alot more and also possibly some freebies along the way, so stay tuned.