Monday, 21 January 2008

Another Test Render

2nd test render with the Audi then, this time going for a nice field, I like this one also, but not as much as the roadway version, I plan on making another two at least, one on an old hangar site and another maybe in a snow forest mountain area of something :)



Updated Test Render

Decided to update the Audi render, changed the alloys to a much better style, and added a low intensity light above the car for the extra shadows I needed, so no photoshop editing for that at least. Photoshop was used for compositing and the logo's and information etc.

I'm genuinely impressed with the progress of this scene so far, and I hope to be able to make it better and better once I get the free time. This took 2 hours to render, there's no GI just an environment stage, a floor and a sky, and 2 lights :) So this is another test render, I like this one alot.



Sunday, 20 January 2008

Latest W.I.P

And here's my latest work in progress, i've been working on creating an Audi Q7, a beautful vehicle of which there are several in my home town of which to take reference pictures :) This is the current test render, sadly the shadowing directly underneath the car chassis has been added with photoshop, this is all C4D's advanced render, but there's actually no GI used at the moment just some pictures and one infinite light as my sunlight. I need to work out how to get the shadowing underneath the car without changing the lighting of the scene as I really like the sunlight intensity in my render at the moment. Cheers CG

New Year, New SMC's

Yep it's 2008 and this year's starting SMC's are Fountain's the first week was to model the fountain's the 2nd to destroy them with the ravages of time, i've currently only had time to destroy one, but I enjoyed doing it :)

Fireplaces & Chrimbo

This was the SMC before christmas, and I learn't alot with this one. Pretty happy with the modelling and rendering of this. Below is the christmas snowglobes SMC and one entry that wasn't entered but wanted to share anyway :)

Even More SMC's

Part of the watch you head helmets speed modelling challenge last year. The head is from Cinema 4D's content library called"Wes Head" and a very fine model it is too, expertly textured.


Drinks SMC's some of my best work I think :)

More SMC's

Starting with boo, monsters in the closet, the dragon's head entry wasn't submitted as the texturing process ended up taking longer than the modelling and I wasn't happy with the result. I'd just watched Eragon and thought i'd try a dragon lol. Next up was the ornaments SMC starting with the Kinetic Energy Clicker Balls :) The cottage is my favourite model that i've done for some time, I really enjoyed building that one. I'm dissapointed this the building your own ornament though, it didn't turn out as well as i'd have liked.


Here's the next few smc's starting with lamps, then rocking chairs and drink dispensers :)