Thursday, 2 June 2011

Free Model - Toy Train

Aiming for a Thomas The Tank Engine style of toy train, this was a model created for a personal project which never got completed. There's still alot of work needed but it's a fairly solid model to be starting with.

Free Model - Roger Rabbit 3D Title

Created as the main 3D title design for a speed modelling challenge. This is not a font, this was created from scratch using splines and then box modelled.

Free Model - Coca Cola Machine

A Coca Cola coin op machine create as part of a Petrol Station scene.

Free Model - Bertha

Bertha was a fantastic 80's stop motion animation series broadcast in the UK. Create by Ivor Wood at Woodland Animations the same studio responsible for Postman Pat, Fireman Sam, Portland Bill and many many others. This was my homage to the machine for a speed modelling challenge.

Free Model - Spray Bottle

Spray Bottle used in a kitchen scene.

Free Model - Sega Megadrive

The Sega Megadrive a wonderful & difficult shape to model correctly, indeed I still think mine needs work. Modelled as part of a Video Game Speed Modelling Challenge.

Free Model - Range Cooker

A range cooker modelled as part of a kitchen project created a couple of years ago.