Tuesday, 19 June 2007

Old Artworks Part 01

Well as promised quite a while ago, here some old artworks. Well first up of course is Harry Potter's Hogwarts Express, this was and still is a work in progress, i've not had the inclination or the time to carry on with this one yet. But i'm reasonably happy with the results of this so far. Below that is an old vehicle model I completed over a year ago. For those old enough to remember it's Inspector Morse's car, otherwise it's the Jaguar MK II, this was just a test scene created by fellow Cinema 4D master and friend -R3D-, the shopping trolley is there just so it looks like an abandoned car park. But the background scene that -R3D- created is truelly wonderful and very realistic, and he very kindly let me use it. Earlier this year I had yet another work in progress over at threedy forums, and the idea was to re-create The Simpsons Moe's Tavern in 3D. I modelled the Tavern and all other elements originally before anything else, but after i'd finished the Tavern interiors, many wished to see the man himself within it. So this was my rather poor attempt at modelling Moe, he's not perfect but he's rather good for my ability at organic modelling. Then below that is the Tavern itself. Homer is lying drunk and unconscious on the floor. Homer's a high res imported model which isn't mine, but felt I needed a friend's model of Homer to set the scene.

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Mitties said...

Any chance you could put me onto the guy who owns the car park scene in that render of the Jaguar you have there? I've been looking for a decent outdoor car park scene to use for a uni assignment, but haven't been able to find anything that doesn't come in a pack of 20 or so that costs hundreds of dollars. I just need the one, for a one off. Cheers, Scott.