Tuesday, 19 June 2007

Old Artworks Part 04

Audi cars are some of the best vehicles i've ever seen, the design and curvature of those cars always amaze me, none more than the futuristic Audi RSQ featured in the 2005 film I Robot. a while back I decided I wanted to re-create this amazing car. I came across a few difficulties, one being a rather foolish part of being 60% through modelling the car and accidently making the high res mesh editable, rendering it impossible to revert to a low res mesh anymore. But rather than undo the steps i'd made to the curvature, or indeed start again, I carried on with this project. I i'm very happy with the results. Be warned these are high res renders. A while back also I participated in a brilliant challenge over at Cinema4D.be, the challenge was to create a funfair, and there was even prizes to be won, the first prize being very expensive and most excellent. Well I managed to get 4th here with my entry and I was delighted to even be considered. So this is my Funfair Scene.

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